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I connect people and business through relationships

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You may have arrived at my website with the intention of elevating your business or establishing new professional connections.
Coincidentally, I have found great success in fostering relationships and facilitating business collaborations.

In my view, people and the foundation of trust are paramount in the realm of business. It is through them that I have been able to initiate new ventures, effectively lead my team, and engage with the individuals responsible for the achievements of prominent enterprises. Over the past 12 years, I have dedicated myself to cultivating my personal brand, expanding my network, and nurturing my business through the establishment of meaningful connections.

Feel free to proceed and allow us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves further... Or perhaps we have already crossed paths?


Connecting people and business

Envision reaching out to individuals of your choice—whether it's the CEO of Netflix, President Barack Obama, or Robert Lewandowski. According to the theory of interconnectedness, a mere six degrees of separation separate you from these esteemed figures. By leveraging my extensive network of contacts, you can engage with people, forge valuable relationships, and facilitate fruitful collaborations among various projects.

Business consulting

Allow us to delve into your specific requirements. How is your business currently performing, and are there any areas where we can collaboratively enhance its operations? Business can be likened to a finely tuned car, wherein the malfunction of a single component can have repercussions on the entire vehicle. Occasionally, a brief conversation provides the opportunity to gain fresh insights, adopt a more objective stance towards challenges, and ultimately discover effective solutions.

Sales consulting

With a wealth of experience in the field of sales spanning my entire professional career, I have developed a profound fascination for unraveling its intricacies. Presently, I offer the opportunity to collaboratively design and streamline your sales process, culminating in the acquisition of new customers. Allow me to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for cultivating enduring relationships with your clientele, while also implementing systematic approaches to bolster your profitability over time.

Purchase consulting

During this phase, our primary objective will be to optimize your procurement process, thereby reducing costs and aligning contractors with your specific requirements. Through our collaborative efforts, you will gain access to an extensive network of subcontractors, ensuring that all products and services delivered meet the highest standards of quality.


There is no need for you to encounter unnecessary obstacles or repeat the mistakes that others have made. Leveraging my extensive experience in successfully launching multiple startup projects, I stand ready to assist you in strategically planning your development trajectory. Together, we will identify your target audience, refine your outreach strategies, and effectively engage with potential investors. With my guidance, you will gain the confidence to navigate any pitch deck with ease and conviction.

Public speaking and networking

Allow me to showcase my credentials that include delivering impactful speeches to both large audiences, numbering in the hundreds, and intimate gatherings, such as Sunday brunches. I have had the privilege of being invited as a speaker at prominent conferences across Poland, where I have mastered the art of leveraging time constraints to my advantage, ensuring an engaging and concise delivery. Drawing from my vast repertoire of real-life experiences, I will weave captivating narratives encompassing a diverse range of topics including networking, business, sales, start-ups, automobiles, and travel. Should you be organizing an event, I offer my services to foster a welcoming ambiance and facilitate meaningful connections among your esteemed guests. Rest assured, my presence will contribute to a memorable occasion that encourages lively interaction and a fruitful exchange of ideas.

A consortium of service companies

I have established a consortium comprising distinct companies, each excelling in their respective domains. Through years of acquaintance and collaboration, I have been reaffirmed in the belief that joining forces is a commendable approach, even while maintaining separate identities.

These partnerships enhance business prospects and unlock novel avenues for growth. Together, we attain remarkable achievements and bolster our capacity to cater to customers, fortified by the knowledge that we can rely on one another.
Take a closer look at our collective prowess!

At our marketing agency, we approach things differently. What do we provide? We offer a wide range of creative services, innovative digital solutions, and effective e-commerce strategies. Our services encompass marketing strategies, visual identity development, naming, graphic design, audio and video production, compelling content creation for online campaigns, preparation of engaging landing pages (including rich content product pages and LPs), running online advertising campaigns, meticulous planning, comprehensive analytics, and post-buy evaluation.

We specialize in the development of tailor-made systems and software solutions. Additionally, we offer our services as an outsourced IT team, ready to support you throughout your project. Our expertise extends to various areas, including mobile application development, web system creation, dedicated programming, startup Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, and IT staff outsourcing.

The platform that facilitates mass SMS/MMS/VMS messaging through an API or a user-friendly web-based customer panel. The platform is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns, informative notifications, authorization codes, and integrations with different e-commerce platforms.

UX and UI studio that puts system usability above all else by building the right customer behavior paths. We specialize in designing software, mobile applications, websites and conduct usability studies and audits.

12 Years

During this period, I dedicated myself to refining not only my skills but also cultivating a wealth of valuable business experience.

My professional journey

I have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands, including but not limited to Answear.com, Big Star, BMW, Deichmann, Jack Wolfskin, LPP (Reserved, Mohito, Sinsay, CROPP, House), Mercedes Benz, New Balance, STS, W.KRUK, and Vision Express. This diverse portfolio of partnerships has provided me with valuable work experience and insights into various industries.

Sales & Purchasing

Over the course of my extensive 12-year professional tenure, I have forged a robust foundation in sales and purchasing. Leveraging my acquired competencies, experience, and extensive network of contacts, I have successfully propelled companies to achieve significant year-on-year sales growth, amounting to millions of euro. Furthermore, I have demonstrated my prowess in optimizing seemingly unalterable costs, resulting in enhanced efficiency and profitability.

My startups

With a track record encompassing the successful completion of multiple start-up projects, I have amassed invaluable knowledge and experience. I have actively engaged in diverse acceleration and incubation programs, further expanding my expertise. The projects I have spearheaded have garnered recognition and accolades, including being acknowledged by the Samsung Incubator for their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Notably, 4GOAL.app, under my guidance, emerged as the winner of the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards for the best start-up of the year 2021. Additionally, the Polish Football Association, along with esteemed industry experts, rated 4GOAL.app as one of the top football-tech initiatives in Poland.

My networking

Networking revolves around individuals and the establishment of meaningful relationships, followed by adeptly connecting the various elements into a cohesive whole. It entails engaging in purposeful conversations and skillfully listening to the perspectives of others. Over the past 7 years, my professional endeavors have revolved around leveraging networking activities to pursue objectives, primarily by facilitating connections between individuals and businesses. I actively engage in dialogue, placing significant emphasis on attentively listening to the needs and challenges faced by my partners. It is with confidence that I assert having conducted thousands of conversations, providing guidance and advice to individuals seeking assistance with their business-related concerns.

Take a look at the testimonials from my contented clients

I have been collaborating with Mark for several years now, and I can only express my utmost praise. He is an exceptionally dependable individual who consistently demonstrates dedication and proactivity in attending to his clients. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend his services!
Radosław Wojciechowski
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mark for 8 years, and it has been an absolute delight. Firstly, he is a person who exudes friendliness and joy, which is contagious. His professionalism, dedication to customer care, and exceptional service are commendable. He is proactive and takes preventive measures before I even have a chance to reach for the phone.
Katarzyna Puchta
Vienna Insurance Group
A true professional in every sense, Mark exemplifies excellence in our collaboration. As the director of e-commerce at New Balance, I have personally witnessed his efficiency and extensive network of contacts. Our partnership has remained positive and fruitful for over 8 years.
Arkadiusz Kotula
New Balance Poland
We have had the privilege of working with Mark since 2012, and his expertise shines through in every aspect of his work. It is undeniable that you can place your trust in him when it comes to any topics you entrust him with. He is a well-connected individual with an extensive network of business contacts.
Bartosz Modrzewski
Vision Express
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Mark for several years, and I can confidently state that working together has been an absolute pleasure. His professionalism is unparalleled, providing efficient and top-notch service. He promptly addresses any topic or request that I bring forward. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for his services.
Marcin Olszewicz
I highly recommend working with Mark. He is a fast, efficient, versatile, proactive, and communicative manager-coordinator with a wide network of valuable connections. Most importantly, he consistently prioritizes helping you achieve effective business outcomes.
Wojciech Tomaszewski
With the support of Mr. Mark, all formal and technical matters are swiftly resolved with just a phone call. It has been a fantastic collaboration!
Alicja Wanat
Jack Wolfskin
I highly recommend collaborating with Mark. He is a reliable individual who keeps his word and consistently brings positive energy to any project. Over the years of our cooperation, he has earned a reputation as an outstanding business partner.
Magdalena Wojtaś
Big Star
I have the pleasure of collaborating with Mark for several years, and during this time, there have been no impossible tasks. His professionalism, effectiveness, client-oriented approach, and infectious positivity make working with individuals like him a joy. I highly recommend him!
Marek Maciejewski
Silky Coders
Since the commencement of our collaboration in 2016, Marek has consistently demonstrated remarkable commitment, flexibility, and an unwaveringly positive attitude. These qualities provide a solid foundation for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship.
Łukasz Świerk


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