About myself

Sono Marco

I enjoy indulging in a cup of coffee while juggling the roles of a loving father to my three daughters - Lila, Lucia, and soon-to-arrive Mille - and fueling my addiction to sports cars. Two years ago, I rekindled my passion for cycling, finding solace and an outlet for the bustling thoughts and emotions that accompany running my own business.

Traveling is my true passion, with Italy holding a special place in my heart. From the delectable food to the captivating sea and mountains, the country's openness and the blissful simplicity of 1€ coffee, Italy has captured my soul. Indulging in Pici pasta with truffles and a glass of Frizzante wine, all while admiring the sun-kissed landscapes of Tuscany, is an experience that fills me with joy.

In my quest for balance, I embark on early morning cycling adventures several times a week.
Starting at 5:30 a.m., these rides allow me to clear my mind, release stress, and welcome new ideas for business growth. I firmly believe that the people you surround yourself with play a pivotal role in life, and now it's time to leverage that knowledge by connecting individuals and businesses together.

So, if you have a moment and a cup of coffee in hand, I invite you to delve into my life and discover more about who I am.

Working with passion

My journey into the world of business began organically, driven by my passion for cars. In 2010, I ventured into the automotive industry, starting as an auto parts salesman. While working at a wholesaler and managing my own online store, I found myself with spare time, which led me to explore the stock market as an investor. This newfound interest captivated me, and I continue to monitor market trends and seize opportunities to this day.

In 2012, I reached a pivotal moment in my career and transitioned from the automotive industry to the realm of IT. With a deep fascination for computers and technological advancements, I embarked on a new adventure without hesitation. For the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to sales development at SMSAPI, serving prominent Polish and international brands. Through process optimization, enhanced communication, and a focus on driving sales, I have cultivated enduring relationships that endure to this day, leveraging my innate networking skills.

My extensive network of contacts is the result of years of dedication, continuous personal growth, and a deliberate professional path. Since 2015, I have managed and worked closely with teams of various sizes, actively participated in entrepreneurial networking events, and even held the position of president in a regional group. Throughout these experiences, I have observed that businesses share a common goal - the pursuit of reliable solutions and valuable partnerships. Establishing a foundation of strong relationships fortifies businesses, enabling them to withstand competitive pressures, navigate crises, and negotiate favorable terms.

As a liaison between purchasing and sales departments, I am exposed to diverse perspectives through my interactions with numerous individuals. This broadens my horizons and facilitates informed decision-making, drawing from the wealth of knowledge gained from my interactions. Notably, I have earned the trust of reputable brands such as Answear.com, Big Star, Deichmann, Jack Wolfskin, LPP, Mercedes Benz, New Balance, STS, W.KRUK, and Vision Express.

Above all, I find great joy in engaging with people and listening to their stories, which continually inspire my personal growth and development. If I can assist someone along the way, I consider it a fulfilling accomplishment. Throughout my journey, I have always relished the opportunity to contribute to new projects and ventures, especially those that start from scratch.
This is one such project, and this is who I am.

I am Marek - the catalyst who connects people and businesses through meaningful relationships.